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War on Terror and has turned into war between Obama and Osama

March 31, 2009 by Amitabh Tripathi  

obamavsosamaSince new president Barak Obama has took reigns in United States few things has changed. One of them is the security atmosphere in South Asian region as well as priorities of new administration of Oval office in this region. Last week when president of United States Barak Obama announced his new policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan which has also been  called Af-pak policy it was first chance to judge the diplomatic competence of this young charismatic president of United States.

I want to remind readers that I was one of the rarest of rare in India to predict that policies of Barak Obama will not be helpful for India. My prediction was based on a reason that Barak Obama has some different design in his mind as for as south Asian region is concerned and this design is based on the regional solution. Although president George W Bush has done not any favor to India in its fight against cross border terrorism but he filled all the dots of local Islamic separatist groups in one global jihadi ambition but Barak Obama is going to deal the situation of Islamic terrorism not merely as an ideology but according to local geo-political realities. To some extent from theoretical point of view it seems very lustrous but its consequences are different.

In last weeks speech when President Barak Obama was announcing his new policy for Afghanistan and Pakistan media entire the world picked few selected pieces and portrayed him as a leader with new vision and new initiative. Fascination of Media across the world with Barak Obama has some other reasons and one of them is that media is run by perceptions rather than substance and media itself has created the perception for Barak Obama that he is the leader of change and it would be embarrassing for them to change their perception so quickly.  Even in India Media speech of Barak Obama was welcomed overwhelmingly without going into minute observations and its implications on the region. In whole speech of Barak Obama it was clearly visible that his priority is to insure that his soil should not be attacked by terrorists any more at least during his presidential tenure but at the same time it could be witnessed from thoroughly going into his speech that to make it sure he is applying short cuts rather than long term strategic move. 

First mistake to which his administration is going to pursue is to pump the Pakistan more and economic aid with a wishful thinking that it will strengthen democratic institutions and political institutions in Pakistan to wipe out the terrorism from its soil.  It clearly indicates that president Barak Obama is still living in hang over of 1980’s when for some strategic reasons Pakistan was an ally of United States in fight against Soviet Union but now situation has changed drastically and those mujahideens who fought for United States has been replaced with their new generation who are hostile to United States and inspired with Jihad to impose an Islamic world order on the entire world and this generation has infiltrated the whole establishment of Pakistan from Army to ISI and Police forces to democratic institutions. This new generation of Islamists wants to strengthen their democratic institutions not to make Pakistan as free and democratic nation but to make it as an ideal Islamic state.  Barak Obama not mentioned even once about this phenomenon in his entire speech which indicates that either he is not aware of the realities of Pakistan which is hard to believe or he don’t think this problem more than a hostile group Al queda targeting United States.  This is the real problem with policies of Barak Obama.

It is no secret to anyone that in spite of all denials from India and United States back door channels has been started to put pressure on India to start bilateral dialogue again with Pakistan which has been stalled after Mumabi attack last year. In this season of election ruling congress party will not admit that it is going to initiate any bilateral dialogue with Pakistan but once elections are over we will witness some confidence building measures taking place irrespective of who are in power. This policy of United States administration has some grave implications on India because Barak Obama was the same person who during his presidential campaign has categorically stated that whatever economic aid Pakistan has received in the name of fighting against terrorism has been used for the preparation of war against India and Obama made allegations against Pakistan that it is planning for a war against India. But now the same Barak Obama has announced economic aid for Pakistan for next five years.

In next few years process of talibanisation of Pakistan will be completed and then India will be targeted not for military reasons but for the sake of jihad and Islam. Now anti India atmosphere in Pakistan has been started as after the Lahore attack home minister of Pakistan implicitly pointed finger towards Afghanistan and hostile country to destabilize Pakistan. Pakistani Television channels were broadcasting the sentiments of their people who were openly holding India responsible for terrorism in Pakistan but this time talibanistation will not only confine to India  because the whole Muslim population in Indian subcontinent is getting influenced with massive propaganda from Islamic institutions and organizations that India-Israel and America is building a coalition against Islam.

As long as Barak Obama’s understanding of this aspect of problem is concerned I don’t think he is unaware of these facts but he has something different in his mind. The way he took moral posture during his whole camping on the issue of his middle name and his allegiance towards Islam and almost denying his any association with Islam but just after he took oath he shed this posture and openly talked about the link of his family persons with Islam. During his election campaign if someone talks about his middle name it was branded something racist but when he took oath in his middle name it was no long a secret and taboo. 

 He gives his first interview to a Arabian Television channel and in his interview few things got unnoticed from entire media that he addressed the problems of Muslims not as a neutral observer but he challenged Osama Bin Laden that he has not given Muslim society anything other than destruction and at the same time he delivered his message to Muslim society for more constructive steps for them. Earlier in his oath speech also President Barak Obama has echoed the same thing. For being politically correct no one want to touch the point that few steps which president Barak Obama has taken after his oath are much tilted towards Muslims to get their sympathy and so called image make over of United States among Muslims across the world.  But in this whole debate one point has been hardly touched that in coming day’s world will be stuck between the war of Osama and Obama.  President of United States is much worried for the Muslims across the world and if speech would have scrutinized it seems that he firmly believes that Al Queda has interpretated the Islam in wrong way before this also president of United States has said that terrorist are distorting the teachings of Islam and other state heads also said this but none of them has any leanings with Islam or allegiance to Islam so it was never a problem for Osama Bin Laden to worry with. This time it has been said by a president of the most powerful nation who himself admits that his family members has association with Islam and he understand Islam better than other because he lived in Muslim states for years.  This situation puts before us a very interesting picture where Osama Bin Laden has a challenge before his leadership among Muslims and this battle of leadership will add a fuel to more intense struggle and give new dimensions to Islamic terrorism.

Defense analysts and observers has not given so much attention to a fact that after new administration in United States has taken over reign wave of terrorism has fueled in South Asian region and Afghanistan. Terrorist’s attacks in Pakistan have increased and it clearly shows that Al Queda and Taliban with all its allies have stepped up its efforts to capture the Pakistan to get the state and nuclear weapon in its hold. This wave of terrorism indicates that Osama Bin Laden is very much in Pakistan and wants to show the world its relevance and its capacity to achieve its Islamic goal. New wave of Islamic terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan is clear signal that Al Queda and its allies had anticipated the guard change in United States and according to the new situation they strategized themselves and in new scenario they are ready to give stiff challenge to Barak Obama.  At the same time the most worrisome aspect of the policies of new president of United States is that he is not going to address the Islamic terrorism as an ideological problem. Instead of identifying the problem as an ideological problem and trying to root it out he want to give new dimensions to the whole debate to project himself as a figure among Muslims who want to reach them not as an administrator but as a sympathizer who has good understanding of Islam other than any president. This gesture of Barak Obama will create a panic among Osama Bin Laden and his followers and they will try to create a situation where Barak Obama would be portrayed not better than George W Bush.

The whole movement of Al queda is based on the theory of atrocity on Muslims and to add the fuel to this theory propaganda machinery of Al Queda is creating a situation where its target group has to react for its survival and in this process it would be propagated that Islam has been targeted by non-Muslims. New administration in United States is trying to woo the Muslim support by appeasing them rather than addressing the root cause of problem of Islamism. The whole world will stuck into the war between Obama and Osama and let us see who emerge as the victorious. If anything miracle did not happen policies of Barak Obama could affect the world in two ways.  First, Muslims across the world will never accept Barak Obama as its leader because he is president of United States to whom they term as prime enemy of Muslims and Islam, but at the same time Muslims will try to exploit the flexibility of this administration to push their agenda of political Islam. Second, Islamic terrorist groups like Al queda, Taliban, Hamas, Lashkar-e-Toeba, Jaish-e-Mohammad will step up their activities and incidents to make them relevant and build pressure  on India-Israel and America  to come close to fight against the menace of Islamic terrorism. To sum up Barak Obama would not be able to solve the problems and challenges of the terrorism and he would make it more miserable.

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