Michael Hirsh

The New 'Forgotten War'

For Obama and McCain, the debate is all about Iraq and Afghanistan. But the bigger problem is Pakistan.

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  • Posted By: bayravin @ 07/25/2008 3:18:01 PM

    Comment: Yes, OIl

  • Posted By: topcat2001 @ 07/25/2008 3:08:20 PM

    Comment: Can anyone here tell me why we invaded Iraq in the first place?

  • Posted By: topcat2001 @ 07/25/2008 3:06:56 PM

    Comment: Askplus I am not supporting bombing innocents in Iraq and wasting our money on a war the reason for which we still dont know. I am merely saying that folks like SikandareAzam and his Paki buddies cannot blackmail the US or any other country saying 'you better solve this' or we are going to continue this. If anything the idiot Bush should have invaded Pakistan which we all know is the breeding ground for terrorists everywhere.

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