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Greater Pakistan: Mughalstan

As proud, patriotic citizens of India, are you aware of the plans of the enemies of India? Read an excerpt of the text given below from their website. Source: Mughalstan Website

We Muslims are not going to go to Pakistan as the Brahmins command. Instead we will break India once more and re-unite with our brethren in Pakistan and Bangladesh to form the greatest nation of the world - Mughalstan, "The Land of Mughal-Muslims". Mughalstan is "Greater Pakistan", or "Pakistan No. 2". In other words, Mughalstan is "India's Bosnia" - a nation within a nation. Mughalstan will Inshallah consist of the following coterminous territories:

1.PAKISTAN comprising Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Sindh.
2.BANGISTAN or Greater Bangladesh, comprising modern Bangladesh, southern Assam and the surrounding Muslim-dominated regions.
3. KHALISTAN, the Sikh Nation of Sufi Muslims. The Sikhs or Nanakshahis are followers of the Muslim Sufi saint Nanak Shah; hence Khalistan is a natural part of Mughalstan.
4. ROHILSTAN, northern Uttar Pradesh or `Rohilkhand', with a 60 % Muslim population.
5. MALWASTAN or Malwa in Madhya Pradesh.
6. BIHARISTAN comprising the Muslim-dominated regions formerly known as `Magadha' in southern Bihar, and of course.
7. KASHMIR, the Crown of Mughalstan.

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