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Deganga’s Hindus abandoned by own
October 21, 2010   6:56:43 PM

Kanchan Gupta

There was a time, not that many decades ago, when Hindu grief in one part of the country would not go unnoticed in its other parts. And so it was that Hindus across north and central India, as it existed before the demise of British colonial rule a year later, observed a ‘black’ Diwali in the autumn of 1946 to commiserate with their co-religionists of Noakhali in Bengal. The infamous Noakhali riots, which erupted on October 10 even before the last corpse had been removed from the bustees of Calcutta which had burned for days following Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s call for ‘Direct Action’ on August 16, witnessed what Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was to later describe as a call to Hindus to leave or perish in the “flames of fanaticism”. If Direct Action Day led to the ‘Great Calcutta Killing’, the “organised fury of the Muslim mob” — as an enraged member of the Bengal Legislative Assembly rudely but pithily put it — was unsparing in Noakhali. Hindu homes were set on fire, Hindu women were raped and girls abducted, Hindu men were murdered. It was this unrestrained butchery and the Hindu grief in its wake that moved a million Hindu hearts in central and north India and the diyas remained unlit that Diwali.

Six-and-a-half decades later, Hindus, it would seem, are no longer moved by the plight of Hindus. The pseudo-secularism aggressively peddled by political parties of all shades — even the BJP has begun to subscribe to the bunkum made fashionable by the Left-liberal intelligentsia in the hope of ridding itself of its ‘communal’ (read Hindu) tag — and the divisive politics of caste identity have made Hindus inure to the plight and sorrow of fellow Hindus. Nothing else explains the indifference of Hindus towards their hapless co-religionists in Deganga who, after suffering the “organised fury of the Muslim mob”, led by Trinamool Congress MP Haji Nurul Islam, have been virtually abandoned by both community and state to their fate. Starting September 6, Haji Nurul Islam and his thugs, who met with resistance when they tried to demolish the main Durga Mandap that has existed for long, ran riot in Deganga block of West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district, a short distance from Calcutta. Hindu homes were ransacked, Hindu shops were set on fire, Hindu temples were desecrated. All this happened while the district administration and the police twiddled their thumbs. In West Bengal, the Marxists are loath to take on the mullahs; for the Trinamool Congress, the mullahs are powerful allies in Ms Mamata Banerjee’s quest for power at any price.

Humiliated and simmering with rage, abandoned and forsaken by their own in West Bengal and elsewhere, the grieving Hindus of Deganga decided not to celebrate Durga Puja, the most important festival in the Bengali Hindu calendar, this year. The Durga Mandaps in Deganga wore a deserted look, the joyous sound of dhaak, the traditional drum, was not heard, and an overwhelming sense of mourning prevailed. Fear played spoil sport, too: If the September riots were any indication, Muslim belligerence was not to be taken lightly. Meanwhile, in a demonstration of crude triumphalism, Haji Nurul Islam and his goons, with the full support and blessings of the Trinamool Congress, have built and inaugurated a new mosque right in the middle of Deganga market. The high-volume and high-pitched azaan is more a taunt to the Hindus than a call to prayers for the faithful.

The ghetto now rules Deganga. The Hindus, reduced to an awful minority by Muslim ‘settlers’ who entered West Bengal illegally and settled in Deganga as ‘citizens’ after being provided with ration cards by the local committee of the CPI(M) that facilitated the inclusion of their names in the voters list, can only grieve over their persecution today. Ironically, the Hindus voted en bloc for the Left, as did the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants-turned-Indian citizens. Then the demography changed radically; the pampered minority became the oppressive majority. That coincided with the waning of the Left Front and the waxing of the Trinamool Congress which, mindful of numbers, chose Muslims over Hindus in Deganga and strengthened its hold by patronising the likes of Haji Nurul Islam. When Ms Mamata Banerjee went around ‘inaugurating’ Durga Puja at various pandals in Hindu majority constituencies of Kolkata this year, she did not spare a thought for the Hindus of Deganga; she need not have because their votes do not matter. That’s the power of demographic change, forced and natural.

Nor does the Left Front, especially the CPI(M), care about the Hindus of Deganga. The Marxists believe survival depends not on alienating the mullahs but pandering to them. Hence the recently announced communal quota; hence, too, the West Bengal Government shamelessly looking the other way as students of a tax-payer funded Islamic ‘university’ — really an over-glorified madarsa — in Kolkata force their women teachers to wear the burqa on campus. Then there is the media which has blacked out the plight of Hindus in Deganga, striking an ideological posture with which we are all too familiar. But it is not Left-liberalism that has kept Deganga out of the columns of newspapers and prime time bulletins of 24x7 news channels: It is the fear of incurring the wrath of both Ms Mamata Banerjee and her Marxist foes. The tragedy that has befallen the Hindus of Deganga is similar to the stuff that once made Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ a popular inclusion in Sunday papers.

Postscript: I have received the following e-mail from Hindu Samhati, the only organisation which has been trying to draw the attention of media and authorities to the fear that reigns in Deganga, admittedly without any success so far:

“Minor Hindu girl abducted by Muslim youth in Deganga in broad daylight on October 1.

Victim — Sangita Mandal; age 17 years, four months. Class 12 student. Daughter of Sukumar Mandal. Address: Village Purba Changdana, PS Deganga.

Kidnapper — Naharul Islam; age 22. Son of Abdul Rahim. Address: Village Doharia.

Sangita was abducted in a Maruti Omni van at Ambika Nagar in front of Polytechnic College.”

In a similar case of abduction and forced nikah when the mother of the minor girl appealed for justice to a division bench of Calcutta High Court earlier this year, the honourable judges of secular India’s secular justice system had cited sharia’h to legitimise the ‘marriage’, insisting that the age of the girl was inconsequential. We live in depressing times.

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Bullet dead either way
By sg on 10/20/2010 7:07:34 PM

living in india under the present system will become more difficult as the years go on, as every government in every state bend back wards to appease the so called minorities who cry for no reason and claim to be oppressed when actually they are better off their the hindu brothers. what nehru started today is such a curse that it will take india down in the coming decades with illegal bangladeshis crossing over into assam and west bengal and then claiming to be indian but carry the same jihadi culture.

Bullet Why blame others? Hindus are the culprits
By Nidhi on 10/18/2010 8:45:55 PM

Why is India obsessed with "secularism" & why Hindus allow System to equate secularism to "freedom of religion". Sooner or later atrocities, genocide and ethnic cleansing will catch up to each & every Hindu in India. Open ur kids textbooks and u will realize how anti-Hindu they are.

Bullet Excuses for Hindu "meekness"
By Jalwa on 10/18/2010 8:37:25 PM

These are excuses of "meekness". Like every other community in the world "PICK UP" arms and fight. Learn from Leftists, Islamists and Christians of India they all have "GUN" than who is stopping Hindus? Learn from Hindu genocide and ethnic cleansing from Kashmir, did anyone care. NO. if they had GUN with them the system would have cared.

Bullet Hindus have no self esteem
By Ganesh on 10/18/2010 7:06:42 PM

With every passing day one realises that non-violence which is the political euphemism for cowardice was injected into the Hindu blood by the likes of Gandhi and Nehru. From every problem our elite wants India to 'move on' which is the modern definition for submission.

Bullet Debganga - Hindu Plight
By Bimal Banerjee on 10/18/2010 10:05:28 AM

Dear Hindus, Be secular and be tolerant! Go to Gandhi, Nehru and Congress and they might possibly give you some solace! After all why you Hindus were born ? To serve the interest of the Muslims - cater them with your land, movable and immovable property, wife, daughter and other female members of your family! Have not all these been taught to you by our great Congress leaders! You have given them Bangladesh, now be ready to give them West Bengal too !

Bullet Deganga Hindus
By amarsingh on 10/18/2010 7:28:36 AM

What is secular MMS/ Sonia and secular media-HT,TOI,Hindu close their secular eyes to Deganga a secular Akhara.

Bullet Why shall others fight your battle?
By Vikram on 10/18/2010 3:48:17 AM

Does Bangla speaking Hindus in Waste Bengal care for fellow Hindus, whether in Deganga or another muslim majority areas? Communism virus and now Mamata Begam virus paralysed them. Why Hindus from other parts of Bharat fight your battle? Why not you learn and practice to fight your own battle? You are not minority in Bengal, Hindus comprise about 70 percent of population.

Bullet debganga
By saleem on 10/18/2010 3:00:56 AM

The hindus in Debganga should convert to Islam and spare themselves further such trouble.

Bullet Communal TC and CPM
By R P Kundu on 10/18/2010 1:37:19 AM

Identify the real enemies of the people. Trinalmul, CPM, Con are the real sponsors of Islamic communalism in India. Brand these marchents of death as rabid communal forces and send them to the dustbin of the history whre they belong.

Bullet Deganga, the start of Next freedom movement
By Indian on 10/18/2010 1:30:57 AM

Let Deganga be the starting point for the next freedom struggle to take our country back from the Islamic fundamentalist communal sultanate of Delhi.

Bullet Deganga
By sudhir mittal on 10/17/2010 11:02:56 PM

Dear Shri Gupta, The story is heart wrenching. Another Nadir Shah. The Hindu is the only one still in search of the promised land. The Jews got theirs. The Europeans got all the continents. The Arabs. The Bangladeshis, the Muslim Leaguists. The despair would be enfolded in several layers of darkness but for for your paper and intellectually honest journalism like yours. Thank you from my heart. But this does not solve the problem of the people of Debaganga.

Bullet can we please chalk out a strategy?
By Arihant on 10/17/2010 10:21:34 PM

Yes there is abuse of 'secularism' in India today,yes,there are hindus whose thinking is so convoluted and deliberately impotent who undermine the security of the Hindu community.The point to remember is that these rascals,do not attack Hindu society out of conviction,they merely take the path of least resistance.Therefore,if we can start an intelligent,deliberate counter movement and take on our oppositon at mutliple levels in multiple fora,the rest ought to fall in place.

By g.chandra mohan on 10/17/2010 9:59:16 PM

it is time we scrap article 370 reclaim the valley kick the illegal immigrants along with Delhi sultanate out of India

Bullet plight of deganga Hindus
By kiran on 10/17/2010 9:26:48 PM

India is supposed to be a secular country but in the name of secularism Hindus are being`s high time we Hindus fight for our rights even if it means taking the path of violence.there is no need to obey the law which does not protect you.

Bullet As you reap so you sow!!
By Sam on 10/17/2010 9:16:10 PM

I do not doubt Kanchan Gupta's story. But I do not think it is the job of hindus everywhere to take up this fight. Fact is as the story mentions, these people voted for the CPI(M) for decades. They joined Left bandhs agains the "communal BJP" and election after election they sent an MP who spewed anti-hindu venom in parliament. In my mind these people are not hindus but Marxists. I view this as a Marxist versus Muslim fight. Not a hindu versus muslim fight. As a hindu I do not care.

Bullet Deganga
By Manikant on 10/17/2010 8:44:28 PM

what is more distressing is the fact that L K Advani as the Union Home Minister did not do anything for the Hindus. All the time he was busy trying to be the Dy PM and then PM.

Bullet Deganga
By Manikant on 10/17/2010 8:41:32 PM

The Hindus are orphaned by the secular constitution and the vote bank politics.

Bullet This is really sad:(
By kiran on 10/17/2010 5:48:40 PM

Is this really happening in india!!!...i have severe itching on my hands to slap mamata banerjee and to kill this MP haji islam..alas i am not in india or else i would have killed atleast the MP..This is highly unacceptable..pls fellow indian hindus and if possible muslims pls unite against the illegal immigration of bangladeshis...pls pls pls

Bullet Hide laziness & cowardiness in the name of secularisam
By Shreshtha on 10/17/2010 5:45:58 PM

People in our country have found the easiest solution to hide their laziness and cowardliness in the name of Secularism.

Bullet Real Face of Islam
By kumar on 10/17/2010 4:47:01 PM

Please consider the economy of Jihad and Islamic terror. Please think how cheaply the Islamists run their terror operations, how inexpensively they buy the lives of young Jihadists to be sacrificed to commit un-imaginable terror and murder. It costs them virtually next to nothing, save for their training and the logistics, to recruit these live terrorists, and despatch them on terror missions. Please reflect on what motivates these terrorists to do what they do.

Bullet Send a fact finding mission
By Ratan on 10/17/2010 4:10:53 PM

Dear Editor, there is a comment which doubts the veracity of this depressing story. Why doesn't a party like BJP send a fact finding mission there and publicize what really is happening in Deganga? We have plumbed to such numbing depths of self doubts that even such horrors against Hindus are not believed!

Bullet "the pampered minority became the oppressive majority"
By Krishen Kak on 10/17/2010 1:43:03 PM

And still we don't learn.

Bullet Hindus are not fools to believe such useless stories!
By Purely Indian on 10/17/2010 1:33:38 PM

How do we believe that this article is true and base on the information of author email's !

Why you are degrading the Hindus ? remember hindus are not fools to believe this kind of useless stories ?

Bullet Hindus of DEGANGA abandoned Kanchan Gupta
By Raj Shastri on 10/17/2010 1:03:20 PM

Islam is a violent Political movement not a religion in the true sense of the word religion.

Bullet Stand up and be counted
By Krishan on 10/17/2010 11:20:18 AM

If the blood of all Indians - Hindus in particular - does not boil at this outrage; if they do not come to the aid of this devastated girl and her helpless parents; if they cannot shout "Hell, NO!" and bring the rascals and their masters to their senses, then the worse is yet to come. And deservedly so, to those who remain quiet. Where are the Barin Ghosh, Ram Prasad Bismil, Chandra Shekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh of today?

Bullet Shameful 'Secularism'
By Anil Gupta on 10/17/2010 10:45:04 AM

Sir, The article is an eye opener. But unfortunately, our pseudo-secular politicians will not be moved. Even the BJP, of late, has abandoned the practice of raising Hindu issues because it has failed to yield results in this age of minority pampering. Media, both print as well as electronic, are being controlled by anti Hindu forces. Pioneer is the only exception.

Bullet This is what will happen to all of India
By Balwinder Singh Sodhi on 10/17/2010 9:16:00 AM

This is what happens to the "Kafirs" when muslims become a majority. My own family saw it in what is today's Pakistan. Overnight, muslim "neighbors" became thirsty for Hindu-Sikh blood. The problem is you cannot trust muslims because their religion itself exhorts them to kill Kafirs and kidnap their women. This is written in Hadith itself.

Bullet Are we living in an Islamic State
By KSV SUBRAMANIAN on 10/17/2010 8:01:10 AM

Why the secular state and the so called secular fundamentalists who get orgasmic spells hearing Gujarat, Kandhamal etc., silent. Are we living in an Islamic state and secularism means anti-hinduism ?

Bullet Deganga blood
By C.JYOTI on 10/17/2010 7:07:08 AM

What about the petrol of change, the ever-alert Mamata Banerjee? One does not recall any statement from her or her party about the involvement of her own party members. But, of course, the contagious disease of secularism afflicts all!

Bullet Talibanization of India
By ravi kumar on 10/17/2010 5:11:48 AM

Shame on political parties who allow talibanization of Indian society for votes ... Hindu nationalist movements needs to rise .... but hindus are very intelligently divided on the basis of caste and have become so much sickular that these things doesn't matter them much ...

Bullet Deganga’s Hindus abandoned by own
By Vijay on 10/17/2010 4:28:45 AM

Kanchan,,tell me what is the solution to this? We cannot allow this to happen..but tell us how?

Bullet As You Sow So Shall You Reap
By Amar on 10/17/2010 4:28:42 AM

the congress communist mamta all three want to rip the society and this is the result of this, hindus are not united and even if they try to unite parties like Congress do not let it happen, at last this is the bread and butter of the party, and now it is the time to get united, BJP is ideal and if not BJP get united first and make pressure groups then vote, and the public should seek answer from the local "chamchas", in summary make them accountable. change the habit "vote and forget".

Bullet So called secular Hindus are as good as walking dead
By Aam Admi on 10/17/2010 3:15:56 AM

So called secular Hindus are are those who abhor Dharma and abide by primitive animal thinking but no human values. These people are most dangerous to Hindu society are responsible for the decay that has come to bring the nation to current state of slavery and treachery.

Bullet Butchers of Kolkata and Noakhali are back
By Debadrita Sen on 10/17/2010 2:57:28 AM

Amazing ... at least on Hindu in the mainstream media had the honor and courage to highlight the plight of young Hindu minor girls raped by the 'illegal settlers' or whatever they are called. Of course, as the author said, no body really cares about the Hindu votes - as only the Muslim votes are deciding. Sadly, only the Hindus are to be blamed.

Bullet Another freedom movement?
By apatel on 10/16/2010 8:04:18 PM

It appears that the freedom movement merely rolled back the British Empire to the Delhi Sultanate! Do we need another freedom movement to liberate the Indian masses i.e the Hindus?

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