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Saturday, 03 January 2009 14:00


Awareness Campaign on Terrorism during


Obama Parade on Jan 20th at DC.

Click here for photos of Obama Parade demonstration at DC on 1/20/2009




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Contact: Narain Kataria
Phone:   847-462-4692
contact@CoalitionForPeace.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Coalition for Peace consisting of Jewish, Hindu and Christian Organizations plan to hold awareness campaign on Terrorism and radical islam during Obama Parade on Jan 20 th,  2009 


Washington DC (Jan 20th, 2009):  On Tuesday Jan 20th,  Jewish, Hindu and Christian Organizations are joining forces in response to alarming terrorism situation in the world fuelled by radical Islam,  to tell President Barack Obama, “Yes we can – and must – defeat the jihadists”.  Calling them Coalition for Peace these groups plan to demonstrate in Lafayette Park in front of White House from 1-4:30PM.

All their banners will essentially urge Mr. Obama to “protect the Free World from radical Islam.”  To accomplish this, they say, the President, in the name of world peace, must reform radical Islamist madrassas so that these schools stop teaching hate; seize Saudi assets in order to pay for the Islamists’ crimes against humanity; force Iran to halt its nuclear-weapons program that has directly threatened Israel; and recognize that Pakistan has played a double-game with the US, presenting itself as a friendly ally of America, while, at the same time, hosting terrorists who are plotting to murder all non-Muslims, especially targeting their next-door neighbors in India.

The demonstrators will point out that the same ideology that led to the terrorism that struck Mumbai in November and, during the last ten years, resulted in the murder of

some 18,000 Indians (in 60,000 terror incidents), has plagued Israelis for decades.   The same ideology that threatens to wipe out Israel has been brutal to minorities in Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Bangla Desh where in last 60 years the minority population was reduced from 25% to 1% in Pakistan and 30% to 7% in Bangla Desh.  

“Islamist terrorism is a problem not just for Israel and India, but for the entire Free World. It is also a problem for Muslims who yearn for freedom of thought, as opposed to the tyranny imposed on them by Islamist theology,” said Narain Kataria, of Queens, one of the organizers of the protest. The demonstrators argue that radical, political Islam, fueled by oil revenues, “is nothing short of a threat to humanity and freedom of thought.” “It is absolutely essential for the US, the world’s only Super Power, to take the lead in exterminating terrorism from the face of the earth.  Mr. Obama, yes, you can,” said Mr. Kataria.

Various organizations that have agreed to join the rally include Americans for a Safe Israel,  Hindu Human Rights Watch, the Jewish Action Alliance, Zionist Organization of America, Christians’ Israel Public Action Campaign,  Christians and Jews United for Israel,  Indian Americans Intellectual Forum, Maccabean Resistance Movement. The Jewish Voice and Opinion of Englewood, NJ, is also supporting the effort. “Joining the Coalition for Peace, which will also reach out to similar-minded Christians and moderate Muslims, is one of the Jewish community’s best options for making a difference in the struggle to overcome Islamist terrorism,” said Susan Rosenbluth, editor of The Jewish Voice and Opinion.

For more information, call Mr. Kataria at 718-478-5735, or his colleague, Satya Dosapati, of Marlboro, NJ, at 732-939-2060. “We have learned that to prevent a repeat of the Mumbai terror attack anywhere in the world, all humanity must work together, and we must prevail upon Mr. Obama to join us in this battle for peace” said Mr. Dosapati.


http://www.CoalitionForPeace.org or email contact@CoalitionForPeace.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Raju Patel

(732) 319-7778

Narain Kataria                                      (718) 478-5735

Arish Sahani

(718) 271-0453

Parveen Sharma

(718) 227-0241

Sarang Rastogi

(732) 213-7281

Rajendra Sherikar

(732) 513-0162

Arun Joshi

(732) 549-1318

Shivram Sitaram

(301) 515-8504

Jayesh Patel

(732) 688-2658

Mahindra Sapa

(301) 549-4145





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2) Hindu Human Rights Abuses in Pakistan, Bangla Desh from Hindu American Foundation Report to US Congressmen and Senators


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5)  Mark Steyn: Syndicated Columnist: Gaza has its version of rocket scientists, Jan 2, 2009

6)  Presentation on brutal radical islamicl terrorism in India during last 4 years with the corrupt Government looking other way for Muslim Vote banks


Pakistan and Bangla Desh security agencies plan to carve out a contiguous portion of India between those countries with blessing from Osama Bin Laden.


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Written by Coalition for Peace   
Saturday, 03 January 2009 15:40

Coalition of Hindu, Jewish, Christian Organizations against Mumbai Terrorist Attack


Hundreds in South Florida participated in a Peace Rally and candlelight vigil last evening to show solidarity with the victims of Jihadi terrorist attacks in Mumbai India. The rally was attended by a cross section of people from Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Buddhists, Jain and Sikh communities. The peace rally started at about 4PM at Las Olas Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale and the mourners marched towards Beach   Place shouting slogans against Jihadhists. Shanti (Peace) Mantras and Har Har Mahadev, slogans were chanted during the procession.

"It is an ideology of hatred and violence, a method of committing the most heinous acts known to man, all in the name of a religion, all in the name of Islam. Mumbai wasn't just about Pakistanis seeking retribution against India's Hindus, because if that were the case they wouldn't have targeted and tortured and murdered Jews. So let us call Mumbai what it is, Islamic terrorism -- Islamic terrorism."  said Joe Kaufmann the chairman of 'Americans against Hate' with a loud applause from the attendees.

He ended his speech by saying that "To the world's Muslims, I say get out from hiding and speak out against the groups that commit this evil, because you know that your radical brethren target you as well. And to the world, I say do the right thing -- before it's too late to do anything."

"In the wake of this terrible tragedy there are few words of comfort that can be offered as we collectively mourn the loss of those lives lost in Mumbai Massacre. This was an act of Jihadi terrorism inspired by radical Islamic ideology. And to deny this truth is to deny any measure of Justice that can be afforded the victims we now mourn." said Adam Hasner. Majority leader in the Florida House of representative in a written statement read at the rally.

In an emotionally charged speech Rabbi  Andrew Jacobs of the Ramat Shalom said "200 innocent victims were murdered and 300 innocent souls were injured in Mumbai, and make no mistake the attacks on Hindus, Jews, Westerners and other were not simply an attack against India, it was another battle waged by brutal terrorists as they pursue their Global Jihad."

"We the American people, and the Indian people and people around the world will stand against Islamic terrorism and we will win, we will have victory. The way we can win is this: three things - through love, unity and education. We must educate the world concerning Islamic fascism. To win against it you have to name the enemy that you are fighting. You are fighting Islamic fascism. They are out to destroy all the western and decent cultures along with Israel" said, Reverend O'Neal Dozier of the Worldwide Christian Church.

"We have gathered here to show our sympathy, concern, support and solidarity with all the families who have lost their loved ones and hundreds injured by this heinous barbaric and cowardly act in Mumbai India, on 26th of Nov, by the ruthless Islamic terrorist organization from Pakistan"  said Dr. Iyengar. These sentiments were reciprocated by Dr. Vinod Patel who reminded the gathering the need to condemn the 'Global Jihadi terrorism'  for killing fellow human beings unprovoked and in cold blood and urged the authorities in India to do their duty to protect the mankind and not get swayed away by politics.

It was a show of unity and solidarity between various Hindu, Jewish and Christian groups which came and stood together against the nefarious design of Jihadi terrorists. The crowd was not to be deterred by a windy South Florida afternoon and lit candles and immersed flowers in the ocean in the memory of victims. A resolution adopted on this occasion urged the government of United States to intensify its campaign against global terrorism, particularly the one perpetrated by its so-called allies and others in the Indian sub-continent and declare such nations as Rogue nations.

Coalition of Community Organizations United against Global Terrorism

Americans Against Hate

Ramat Shalom

Christians and Jews United for Israel

Unitarian Universalist Congregation

World Wide Christian Center

Shiva Vishnu Temple

South Florida Hindu  Temple

Jain Center  Of South Florida

Shiva Mandir

Florida Arya Samaj

Sindhi Association of Florida

Florida Security Council

Shri Laxmi  Narayan Temple

Palm  Beach India Association

International Kashmir Federation (IKF)

Indian Religious and Cultural Center (IRCC)

United Hindu Front

World Hindu Council of America





Successful demonstration by several Indian organizations  in New York against Islamic Terrorism,  Dec 21, 2008


NEW  York (Dec 21, 2008) :  200 people representing 40 organizations from New York and New Jersey braved inclement weather with a defiant spirit to highlight scourge of terrorism and Pakistan’s role as an epicenter of World Terrorism. The event was a boisterous Solidarity  demonstration in front of the United Nations from 1:00 P. M. to  3:00 P. M.





Recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai on innocent citizens  from India, US,  Britain and Israel  weighed heavily on the minds of the demonstrators.  The demonstrators clearly pointed out  Pakistan and Saudi  Arabia as the executioners and financiers of  the worldwide terrorism respectively.

The  demonstrators demanded that the world bodies take action against  Pakistan and Saudi  Arabia for their complicity in Mumbai  attacks.  They were calling  attention to the funding from Saudi  Arabia with Pakistan’s ISI providing training and foot  soldiers to spread terrorism in India.   They demanded economic sanctions  against Pakistan and  Saudi Arabia, dissolution of  Pakistan’s Secret service  agency ISI, seizure of the assets of Saudi  Arabia and Pakistan to pay for their crimes  against humanity and bringing their agents to trial at the International  Court.


The  demonstrators which included people as old as 80 years and as young as 10 years  and had a good representation of women, carried colorful placards like 


·        Terrorism: All Roads  Lead To Pakistan

·        Expose Pakistan’s Duplicity In The War On  Terror

·        Hindus Against  Terrorism

·        Jihadi Terror In Mumbai Can  Happen In Chicago

·        Pakistan Is A Rogue State

·        Radical Islam Is A Global  Problem

·         Denuclearize Pakistan 

·         How Many More Mumbais Will It Take For The Indian  Government To Act.


They also carried a poignant poster with picture of the slain Jewish couple, Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka Holtzberg, with a caption 'They and their colleagues were inhumanely tortured - Is it a crime to be a Jew.".


Moving in an orderly fashion they chanted, ‘Who is  funding terrorism?’ Saudi  Arabia, Down with Pakistan, Pakistan, a failed state, stop aid to Pakistan, Radical Islam is the  worldwide problem, etc.


The  demonstrators were cheered on by passing motorists and pedestrians.  The group stood at silence in the memory  of the victims of the Mumbai terrorist attacks and the brave police officers and  NSG commandos who laid down their lives to protect the citizens held hostage by  the Pakistan sponsored  terrorists.


Gaurang Vaishnav, a spokesperson of the Tristate  Indians, said that it was important that countries such as US,  Britain, Israel and India  come together to evolve a strategy to root out the terrorism. Dr. Radharaman Upadhyay,  another spokesperson said that the world will be devoured by the python of  Islamic terrorism unless it takes effective steps now to counter it.  He lamented that so far the world has  seen only the radical and violent face of Islam and it was up to the  practitioners of Islam to prove  otherwise.


Protest against Iran President Ahmadinejad during UN Visit

Sept 22, 2008

More than 10,000 from across various Jewish, Christian, Iranians, Hindus and Buddhists joined in protest against Iran President Ahmadinejad on Sept 22, 2008 showing their solidarity to Israel.  Here are some photos:

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