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Are we living in the era of Islamic censorship?

February 14, 2009 by Amitabh Tripathi  
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geertwilders1In last few months three important developments took place which were although directly not related with each other but they have some connection between them. First, just before Indian economic capital Mumbai was attacked by Islamic terroists on 26 November last year the largest Islamic body OIC approached the supreme law making body of the world UN with a resolution to make it compulsory for the countries of this world to declare vilification of prophet of any religion as illegal as well denouncing the efforts to use term Islamic terrorism in reference to terrorism.

Second, Government of Nederland decided to prosecute president of a political party of this small European state for hurting the sentiments of Muslims with his film “Fitna” based on some controversial ayats of Quran. After the decision of government of Nederland Geert Wilders decided to visit few European countries with message of his controversial film and United Kingdom was one of them. Geert Wilders was banned from UK government and was told to refrain himself from entering into the borders of Britian. Geert Wilders tried to defy the government orders but he was arrested at the airport and expelled from Britain. Geert called this development as a great set back to the freedom of expression.

In third incident, one leading English news paper published from West Bengal in India “The Statesman” reproduced an article from a British news paper and this article become bone of contentious between News paper and Muslim society. Local Muslim groups objected to this article as they found it with some objectionable remarks on their prophet and in few hours of this publication   anger come out on streets and local administration intervened and later succumbs to pressure of Muslim groups and decided to arrest editor of news paper with one of his employees although both were released immediately on bail.

All those examples that have been described above did not have any connection between them but still they indicate for one common question. Are we living in the era of Islamic censorship?

This question should be answered by us if we boast to be living in modern world where everyone enjoys the equal freedom. Some times it seems as we are surrounded with hypocrites and pseudo-liberals where Islam has been given privilege on every other religion because no author, publisher, commentator find  itself  in any regulation or self imposed censorship when it comes to the subject of critical review of any religion other than Islam. Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Jainism all the religions and its scriptures, deities and prophets have been painted in every possible ways which is nothing less than vilification of these sacred figures but any of this religion never approached UN to pass a resolution to stop the criticism or critical review of their scriptures or deities. This difference is pregnant with some larger implications on the society.

Values of modern world could not be imposed on other religions giving full immunity to one because one religion has potential to turn their anger in violence which could ultimately culminate in clash of civilizations.

In last few years world has been exposed to a new threat of extremism and intolerance and this phenomenon is cultivated with theory of atrocity on Muslims. It is very difficult to understand why Muslims around the world always talk about their grievances and impose the responsibility of their grievances on other countries and people. Core of this theory revolves around the exploitation of resources of Middle East from western countries in common and US in particular but it is not the only case even India is also not out of the orbit of this theory.   Indian Muslims also being taught how they have been treated with second class partisan behavior. But the most important aspect of this theory is how honest its propagators are and this is the parameter from which we can measure the honesty and political motivation behind this theory.

Theory of atrocity on Muslims is very much related with privilege of Islam and danger of Islamic censorship. Muslims around the world have not only been told how that they have become victim of exploitation but they are told their religion has also been targeted. This theory has made the Muslim across the world over conscious about their religious identity and every step for modernity is proportionate to merging of their religious personality with modern world. This fear psychosis of Muslim society has been exploited by Islamic religious and political leaders very shrewdly.

India along with Europe is slowly griping in the era of Islamic censorship but the vocal propagator and advocate of freedom of expression US is no less under danger of this phenomenon. India was the first country to respond quickly to the fatwa of Ayatollah Khomeini against Salman Rushdie for his controversial book Satanic verses. Indian government banned the book and same fate was in store for Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen when few Muslim groups in West Bengal mark violent agitation against her for some parts of her book. This new incident of arrest of an editor of English daily in the charge of inciting hatred and hurting Muslim sentiments reflects the hollowness of government in dealing with liberal values in the case of Muslims and Islam.

This is not the first time when India has witnessed this incident but it made headline worldwide because an article which was reproduced was earlier published in a news paper of Britain. Lot of incidents of arrest of editors or publishers for hurting Muslim sentiments in India gets under reported or unreported. Two years ago when Danish caricature controversy was making the headlines across the world the whole world was unaware of a similar development in India when one editor of a Hindi magazine was arrested for reproducing caricatures in his magazine. This editor was imprisoned for few months and still he is fighting legal battle.

Two years ago world witnessed how Danish cartoon issue was blown out of proportion and this issue was taken by Europe as a battle for preserving their values against extremism  but after two years it seems Europe is loosing its battle as well rest of the world.  This battle between radical and Moderation is losing out to radicals with active support of appeasers and pseudo liberals.

Appeasers and pseudo liberals are prevalent in every society and they are discriminating values according to religion.

When largest Islamic body OIC approached the UN with their proposal to stop the vilification of prophet of any religion ( Read it Islam)  along with pursuing countries to stop the term of Islamic terrorism it was unable to make headlines in news papers because nobody was ready to talk on the issue of possible Islamic censorship. It has few reasons, first, everyone want to avoid the Islamic issues as it is always pregnant with possibility of violent demonstration and Second, whenever you talk on Islamic issues onus goes on to you to prove the gloomy side of the so called religion of peace.

The whole world is suffering with multiple complex regarding Islam and Muslim society. As long as Muslims are concerned they are suffering with superiority and inferiority complex at the same time. When it comes to the subject of their faith, religion and scripture they are programmed to filled with superiority complex for their prophet and scripture quran but at the same time when it comes to rate themselves on the index of development in consonance to modern world they are always filled with inferiority complex and this inferiority complex is very easily directed towards those forces who are on the higher pedestal of index of development. This inferiority complex easily gets its solution in radical Islamist movement with utopian world of their design. This mentality could easily be translated into the attacks of Islamic terrorists on the economic installations of various infidel countries.

Instead of pursuing Muslim society to come out of their superiority complex and shed their Islamic supremacy the whole world is appeasing this society with providing more and more privilege to them and latest development of beginning of the era of Islamic censorship is again not going to achieve peace in the world because ostrich like behavior will lead us nowhere other than strife and more schism.

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