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Message behind Jaipur blast

Amitabh Tripathi

On 13th of May when a beautiful and comparatively peaceful city nicknamed Pink city became latest target of terrorists it was no secret to anybody who are perpetrators. Within hours statements from Government of India came out blaming openly to foreign hands. This time niddle of suspicion was not only confined to notorious Pakistani agency ISI but another Jihadist Islamist organization from Bangladesh was also under scanner.

This organization has its strong base in Bangladesh and this Jihadist organization is none other than HUJI. This reaction was very mechanical and there was nothing new in it. We have seen from last three years that after every terrorist attack Government has the same reaction that we will fight to this menace, it is an attempt to disturb communal harmony, we will not bow down to terrorist and it is an act by enemy of our nation . But government of India has not openly declared who are those enemies and what strategy they have to fight against them. Government is not going to answer these questions because our policy against terrorism has several lapses. First of all government is not going to declare the enemy and don’t have any resolve to fight against this enemy.

After 24 hours of blast one Email with a video reached to several news organizations in India claiming the responsibility of blast with warning of future blasts in several parts of the country. When this message reached to news channels and news papers they flashed it as a news item that some unknown group named Indian Mujahidin has claimed responsibility of serial blast in Jaipur. But later on this message was deciphered in totality by some news papers and one leading English daily Hindu was one of them. When this message was scrutinized it was found that it is not merely a message but is manifesto of Jihad. Some experts on security issues are of the view that these messages after terrorist attacks are used by Jihadist Islamist organizations to woo more support among common Muslims with theory of atrocity on Muslims. This message was very similar to that Email which was sent to several media organizations last year when serial blasts in some courts in Uttar Pradesh most populated Hindi state of India took place. At that time That Email was not taken seriously and was dismissed by security agencies as diversionary tactics but this time Email sent by Indian Mujahideen could not be dismissed easily because it has manifesto of Jihad and has declaration of open war against India which has been described in mail as Kufre Hind [Place of infidels].

Salient features of that message are that Jaipur was targeted for blast because of its importance as tourist destination mostly by foreign tourists. According to Email sent by Indian Mujahideen to media organizations Jaipur was also targeted to send a message to some foreign countries that Muslims of India are united with global jihadi forces in their cause of global jihad. The most important part of this Email is its religious flavor. First time any Islamic terrorist organization in India has openly declared that motive of its attack was religious. Indian Mujahideen has declared that it chosen Hanuman Temple to warn Hindus against worshipping “dirty Mud” Ram, Sita and Hanuman. According to Email India is a legitimate place for terrorist attack because in this country Islam and Muslims are not safe. Other important message which Indian Mujahideen tried to convey to other common Muslims in India was that surge of terrorist attack are direct result of incidents of 6 December 1992 when Babri structure was demolished and later in 2002 when Muslims were murdered in Gujrat riots. This Email contains reference of some Koranic verses which allow Muslims to target non-Muslims in the name of self defense.

Let’s examine what is new about this message. In my opinion there is nothing new in this message except of openly declaring the motive behind these terrorist attacks. In this new scenario it has become very difficult to combat this menace of terrorism particularly when our political system is so obsessed with pseudo secularism.

As earlier in the article it has been mentioned that government took no time to single out some foreign hands behind this attack who are trying to sabotage the peace process between India and Pakistan and want to vitiate the communal harmony of India. This reaction has been repeated by thousands time and in some way it has lost its relevance. At this juncture when it is quite clear that since 2005 all terrorist attacks has been designed and executed by local Muslims it has no meaning to blame foreign hands for all this. This attitude of Indian government in particular and political parties in general has security implications for India. It shows either Government or political parties are misreading the situation or they misrepresenting the fact. Both situations are very dangerous. But it seems that they are aware of the situation but hesitate to point out enemy because of their political correctness and political considerations.

The fact is that as for as terrorism is concerned we are seeing it in paradigm of 1990’s when Pakistan has policy to bleed India with thousands cuts and following to this policy they were sending infiltrators and terrorists from their territory to India to vitiate law& order situation in India. They were much successful in their mission and their ISI agents or other hands were doing the job and disappeared from the scene. At that time it has meaning to blame Pakistan for all this but today it is meaningless because since 2005 all the terrorist activities has been done by local Muslims. So what change has happened since 1990’s to which we were unable to catch? The major change happened at the ideological level and we are unable to march to that point.

Actually we have taken the issue of Islamic terrorism as law& order problem and we never tried to analyze it in background of Islamist movement as several ideologues in west particularly in America analyzed it. We have example of Dr Daniel Pipes in America who was working on Islamist movement from 1980’s and this is the reason when 911 happened in America he became relevant and due to his research American policy makers were able to identify the root cause of problem as well as way to tackle it. In our country situation is very much different and aspirations and aim of Islamist movement was never taken into consideration by our ideologues. When Mujahideeens in Afghanistan were fighting against Soviet Union it was very much evident that after defeat of Soviet Union in Afghanistan they are not going to stop. America very tactfully used Mujahideens against their arch rival of cold war but experts of Islamism in America never took these Mujaheedeens as their ally and some of them had apprehensions that these Islamist forces in near future could target America as well. It is the reason why America was able to take on these Islamists just after 911. On Contrary we were unprepared to this surge of Islamist movement.

After 1991 when Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan and those Mujahideens of Pakistan took the cause to liberate J&K from India. It was prime time to nip in the bud and crush the Islamist aspirations in India but at that stage our political system and intelligentsia tried to divert the attention of people from the debate of Islamist aspiration and Islamist terrorism in J&K was defined as an insurgency and it was said that this is done by some misguided youths due to unemployment. But these misguided unemployed youths were very much guided with religious appeal that ethnic cleansing took place in valley and all Hindus were forced to evacuate their homeland to become refugees in their own country. This was the first chance when we were in position to curb the Islamic terrorism and stop it before spreading its tentacles in other parts of our nation. But we missed the bus. After 1991 another chance we lost when Mumbai blasts happened in 1993. It was a time when Jihadism in India has come out of Kashmir valley but it was not powerful enough to target other than Mumbai. If Indian government would have taken it as expansion of Islamist movement in India and had brought culprits to the justice we had avoided several attacks in India. Beside this Islamists movement was analyzed in communal way and logic of Islamist apologists were accepted that these acts are reaction of Muslim grievances which have resulted from demolition of Babri structure. It was big mistake from everyone whether it was government, Political parties or security agencies.

When Government and political parties took this route it became very easy for Islamist forces to strengthen themselves and their ideological base. 911 was a turning point in the history of Islamist movement it was a time when Jihadism become global movement and several separatist groups in different countries fighting for Islamic states come together with a broader goal to establish the rule of Shariyat and Koran in this world with new world order and attack on America embolden them and they thought if one Al-Queda could challenge the authority of the most powerful nation of this earth so rule of Shariyat on this earth is not distant dream if all Islamist forces could come together. This is not merely a speculation it is fact which we have witnessed many times when Islamist forces and Islamic terrorist organizations in different countries have declared openly that they are no more satisfied with Islamic states and they are working for rule of Islam in their respective countries as we have Lashkar and Jaish-E-Mohammad in Pakistan, HUJI in Bangladesh and SIMI in India. If would not take these facts in account we have not able to tackle this problem. Unfortunately intelligentia in India still has not come to this conclusion thanks to our secular system which feels proud to vilify Hindus more rather than accepting this naked truth.

Since 2005 we had witnessed 9 well planned and coordinated serial blasts and these blasts had swallowed more than 500 people. In these blasts we could see a trend that how these Islamic terrorists were able to percolate their network from metro cities to state capitals and small cities. It is clearly evident that they are able to build and spread their infrastructure freely. If this trend would not have been checked in near future small towns has on target. This Islamist network is growing fast because it has become a movement and large number of Muslims is influenced with aim and objectives of this movement.

This is not first time when Islamist movement has took the excuse of Muslim grievances to justify acts of terrorism in the name of reaction. The ideological base of Islamist movement is situated on theory of atrocity on Muslims and this theory has worked well for Islamist organizations and terrorist groups. They have theory of atrocity on Muslims on two levels one has global appeal which is based on occupation of Israel on Palestinian land and other level is based on situation of every country. As per example Most of western countries in general and America in particular has been targeted by these Islamist forces for discrimination of Muslim community in the name of terrorism by security agencies. In India they have excuse of Gujrat riots and also discrimination in the name of terrorism. Most of counter terrorism experts and security analysts in India found themselves trapped in the net of this Islamist propaganda and suggest security agencies and government to be cautious to round up Muslims after terrorist attacks. This theory has worked well for Islamists and because of this propaganda they are able to recruit more and more youths to their mission but it does not mean they are true and governments should not be apologetic for their counter terrorism methods.

Message of Indian Mujahideen is very loud and clear that don’t blame foreign hands for these terrorist acts and it is we some part of Indian Muslims who are involve in this jihad and time has come to analyze the situation in this background.

This time we are again going to miss the bus and providing a launching pad for Islamist forces to enter comfortably in new era of their movement. After terrorist attack in Jaipur reactions from our government and ruling Congress was nothing less than timid and unfortunate. Spokesperson of Congress Party Shakil Ahmad compared leaders of BJP with terrorists and Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh appealed to political parties that they should not adopt divisive role on this issue. These two statements indicate that government want to impose a silent emergency on this issue and giving a clear signal to Islamist forces that their motives and aspirations would never come in debate in India as long as Congress and Left is in power although we are not very sure that any other political establishment in India has courage to take these issues in debate surely not so intellectuals in India has big responsibility on their shoulders to make aware people of real motives behind these terrorist attacks.

Islamic terrorism has become global phenomenon and it has to be fought in that perspective. We have to adopt two way policy on the this issue one hand our security agencies and intelligence agencies should become more equipped and be given more power as well on the other hand intellectuals and ideologues should come out of syndrome of image consciousness and speak clearly about the motives of Islamists movement and educate people to the consequences of this phenomenon. We could not overcome this problem merely depending on government and security agencies it was a time in 1990’s decade when this problem has solution in Law& order but it is not possible now. It has become an ideology and it is inspired by religiosity. If this time we would miss the opportunity then we have no other fate than to become dhimmy under Islamic rule.

Amitabh Tripathi is the editor of Daily Lokmanch