Library in Eastern UP with literature on Israel

library 120library 101library 080library 068library 065library 066library 062library 056library 049library 048library 047library 041India and Israel have special relationship between them and especially since both the nations came in diplomatic relationship after a long gap. India and Israel are being seen as natural allies mostly because of their common problems of hostile neighbor and terrorism but I strongly believe that both the nations have more in common rather than commonality of problems.

India is country of more than billion people with its continuity of old heritage and culture identity and Israel is also have the same historical background with it. Both the nations have sacrificed for their survival as both of them have the harsh memories of persecution for being what they were.

India is the only place where neither Jews have been persecuted nor they have been discriminated.

Both the nations got their independence from British colonial powers in almost in the gap of one year.

When the Zionist movement started around 1880’s it was the same time when Indian National Congress was formed in India which later become the pivotal to freedom struggle. On the one hand Jews around the world were galvanizing to fulfill their cherished dream of their promised homeland on the other India was readying itself to come out from the hundreds of years of cultural and political slavery. Both the nations were drawing the outline of the rebuilding of their nation standing on the solid rock of their tradition and continuity with a vision to embrace the modernity.

The new century will be reshaped with alliance of India and Israel as both are complementary to each other. India has the numbers and Israel has the technology and might and for this purpose both of them need each other.

This dream can be fulfilled only if people to people contact grows between two countries and people in India learn more about the tradition, history and achievements of Israel. I have started an initiative with help of my wife and generous friends  to build the chain of library in remote parts of country which will also contain the literature of Israel with other materials to educate people particularly youth more and more about Israel. It will explore the new horizons and opportunities to make India developed and more prosperous at the same time  numbers and stature of India will ensure the safety and security of Israel from various threats.

 The first library in Baharaich district the eastern part of the most populated state of Country Uttar Pradesh has been started . We hope with help of generous people we will be able to expand it to several other places to not only educate children and youth but will also give them exposure to international issues which never been in their reach.    

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